Frog Tied Tube Videos
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tying a submissive into the shape of a frog, ribbit!

Frogtie Fetish Videos

To humiliate a slave when you are training her or to show any woman who is boss, tie her in a frog tie. Like a hogtie, it demeans the sub you are trying to control with complete helplessness and degradation. With the use of rope and mastery, a woman is tied to resemble a frog. Turn a submissive princess into a frog and watch how fast she begs to please at Bondage Box.

Crouching Women, Painful Frogties

The frogtie is a bondage method where the dom ties the sub’s legs ankle-to-thigh to resemble a crouching frog. In terms of rope bondage, the frogtie is very uncomfortable to say the least and almost impossible to break from. When a slave is put in these situations, they are humiliated as well as kept in place long enough to fuck the shit out of. When you don’t have a willing sub, abduct one, frog tie her and push her around for fun. Bondage fantasies are not complete without rope bondage frogtie-style.

A Type of Rope Bondage - the Frogtie

Doms often use the frogtie in conjunction with other rope bondage to thoroughly restrain. Whether it be a male dom, a dominatrix or lezdom; the rope bondage style of frogtie is effective in binding and humiliating a sub. The lesser known rope bondage to suspension and hogtie bondage, frogtie is just as beautiful to watch in action.

Bondage Box Frogties the Masses

We would frogtie every last beautiful slave if we could. We hope you feel the same way. If you love hogtie, bondage, rope bondage, BDSM and slave-training or anything related to bondage, you will love BondageBox. If you aren’t aware of what a frogtie is, come and see for yourself how wonderfully evil it is. Stop kissing other frogs and watch BondageBox’s frogtie fetish videos or any of our thousands of bondage videos. You won’t regret it.